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So simple and fun a five year old will want to help with the laundry!

  1. FLIP – Place a Tidy Band face down on the marked area of the Tidy Board and place the clothing face down over the entire Tidy Board. Then flip each side onto the center.
  2. ROLL – Place the Tidy Rod at the bottom of the clothing and roll toward the top.
  3. SNAP – As you roll over the gap the Tidy Band will automatically snap around the roll. Remove the Tidy Rod and toss the rolled clothes into the drawer.
Organizing Clothes with Tidy Snap


Seeing is believing; see how it works below!
(Click to play and stop.)

GIF How Tidy Snap Works Animation (low angle front view)

Tidy Snap Testimonials

When I read kids would help with laundry I was skeptical, but our children really do roll their own clothes and put them away now!

The best part really is the appearance of the drawer full of rolled clothes. I mean it’s a night and day difference from before. Thanks Tidy Snap!

I was so frustrated knowing I was washing more clothes than my son could have possibly worn in a week. Now I can tell what’s clean because they’re rolled up nice and neat.

Tidy Snap Organizing Clothes
Tidy Snap Clothes Rolls
Tidy Snap Board in Basket


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