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Drawers Before and After Tidy Snap
Tidy Snap Organized Clothes Drawer
Tidy Board & Bands with Rolled Clothes

Finally there’s a solution for keeping kids’ dresser drawers neat & tidy all the time! Everyone knows that clothes merely folded and put away into drawers won’t stay organized for long. Digging through for that favorite shirt can quickly make a mess of the others. Tidy Snap offers a fast & easy way to organize kids’ clothes in drawers and our Tidy Snap Bands make sure they stay that way!

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We knew we were onto something when we started rolling the girls’ clothes to better organize their drawers, and keep their rooms neat. That’s when we decided to manufacture Tidy Snap and help save the sanity of all the other parents like us. Tidy Snap makes laundry fun for kids. It helps them be accountable for organizing their own clothes and ensures that parents never fold clothes again!