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Tidy Snap was developed out of parents’ frustration with their kids’ messy drawers. Every day the drawers were a wreck after the kids had rifled through them looking for their favorite outfit. Clean clothes were mixed with dirty clothes on the floor and everything ended up in the hamper. How could the drawers be organized and neat so kids can find their clothes? Tidy Snap.

Tidy Snap is the patented method for keeping clothes organized, visible and self-contained even through the daily drawer search for the right outfit.


Dresser Drawer Before Tidy Snap


Dresser Organization Tidy Snap Solution


Dresser Drawer Organized Tidy Snap Way

How it Works

Simply roll the clothes, secure them with a Tidy Band and toss them in the drawer. Because the clothes are secured in a tight roll, they can be handled, tumbled, tossed and sorted and still stay securely and neatly rolled in a Tidy Band. No more re-folding clothes every time the kids get into their drawers. With Tidy Snap, keeping drawers organized is a snap! For a more detailed description and a video visit our “How it Works” page.

Tidy Snap Board Fold Action
Clothes Neatly Rolled Tidy Snap Way


  1. Clothes stayed rolled. The Tidy Bands keep the clothes securely rolled and won’t release them until the band is removed. Clothes stay rolled and drawers stay organized regardless of how many times kids rifle through all the clothes.
  2. Reduce laundry each week. Absolutely! When kids rifle through the drawers, clean clothes hit the floor and mix in with the dirty, then everything goes in the hamper. Tidy Snap rolled clothes stay rolled through all the handling and are easily recognized as clean to be put back in the drawer. LESS LAUNDRY!
  3. More drawer capacity. Because clothing is rolled up neatly, space is better utilized and more items can be placed in the drawers.
  4. See everything in the drawer. When clothes are compactly rolled, you can see all the items in the drawer at once. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for and improves clothes rotation because nothing is at the bottom of a stack.
  5. No more jammed drawers. How often do your drawers jam with loose clothing? No more with Tidy Snap; no loose edges to get hung in the drawer rails.
  6. Drawers are organized by type of clothing. How many times have you found your kids favorite pajamas hiding at the bottom of their shirt drawer? By using different color Tidy Bands for different types of clothing you can easily keep different types of clothing organized.
  7. And the best part… Kids can do it themselves. Kids think the way the Tidy Bands “automatically” snap around the clothing is fun. Just hand them a basket of clean clothes and let them go to work.
Tidy Snap Kit Packaged
Using Tidy Snap
Tidy Snap Kit