Top 10 Coolest Gifts for Traveling Families October 4, 2017 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Traveling with your family is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. It’s also a time to relax and just have fun while forgetting about your everyday tasks and responsibilities. However, traveling with kids isn’t always easy as you have to take care of their needs and make sure they’re feeling comfortable while being away from home. Here is our top 10 list of travel gifts for the family.

  1. Cardiff Travel Headrest

Sleepy, cranky kids can be a nightmare to deal with on a long road trip. If your kids are still at an age where they have naptime, schedule the road trip during their naptime so they can more easily fall asleep in the car. For older kids and adults, the Travel Headrest by Cardiff Products is a must-have accessory for road trips and daily travel. This dad-invented and innovative headrest is designed to support your head and neck while in the car. This means no more noodle neck and head bobbing when kids try to sleep in the car. Instead they’ll feel well rested and comfortable throughout the entire trip.

  1. Tidy Snap

Tidy Snap is a clothing organization system that keeps clothes tidy and neat. The kit comes with a Tidy-Board, Roller Rod and Tidy Bands for a simple folding process that kids even have fun doing! Just roll and push down slightly and it automatically snaps the band onto the clothing. It’s the perfect tool to organize clothes in your suitcase and save space in your luggage.

  1. The Noblo

The Noblo Umbrella Buddy is a practical, problem-solving product that anchors umbrellas for safety and sun protection. Invented by two moms to stop fly away beach umbrellas (and the injuries that can result from this), Noblo is a simple to use beach umbrella anchor. Three easy steps: 1) Fill Noblo with sand, 2) velcro to beach umbrella, and 3) relax at the beach. Noblo will take care of your beach umbrella.

  1. Pello Luxe Floor Pillow

When traveling you don’t always have the space to bring a pack ‘n play with you and sometimes a blanket on the floor just isn’t comfy or warm enough for baby. A floor pillow provides a good cushion for baby so she can sit by you on the floor while you’re visiting with friends or family. The Pello is a luxe floor pillow for infants and kids with a distinctive donut shape and a padded center. It keeps baby protected from germs on the floor and is great for tummy time. Best part is, the pillow can safely be used by babies, toddlers and kids of all sizes, and it’s machine washable and can be tossed into the dryer!

  1. The Parking Pal

We love this invention!  Parking lots are dangerous so Parking Pal teaches kids to place their hand on the “safe spot” and wait while mom or dad puts groceries in the car etc. It was specifically created with bright colors, playful illustrations, and a small palm children love to place their hands on. After a couple learning sessions, your child will discover that the Parking Pal is their safe spot, and they will know where to go the second they are outside the car. It also helps teach them that parking lots are no place to play.

  1. Trunki

Trunki is the ultimate travelling companion for globe-trotting tots. Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack Trunki with all their favorite belongings whilst parents keep them in tow. It’s packed full of great features like carry handles, seatbelts, and pockets and comes in 21 cute characters.

  1. Tottigo Pack ‘n Potty

Pack ‘n Potty is an award-winning travel potty seat that provides a child with a stable, soft potty seat and clean sitting area, gives parents a way for super-fast setup to help give a child confidence when potty training on-the-go.  This stylish, lightweight tote is compact and complete with a wet/dry pocket; Pack ‘n Potty is a next stage diaper bag.  Store a changes of clothes, wipes or items or use to store wet items.

  1. Universal Travel Adapter

There’s nothing more frustrating to arrive in a country and realize the electrical plugs are different than back home. A travel adapter is a must have if you’re traveling to another country and bringing items that need to be plugged in. This adapter has worldwide compatibility for more than 150 countries! It’s ultra-compact for travel and folds flatter than any other adapter on the market. This is an adapter and not a power converter – be sure to check your items voltage requirements before using – do not use if you are not sure what the voltage is. ABS plastic.

  1. ZoomKIT

ZoomKIT is a portable travel table that works with car seats, boosters, strollers or stand alone. Fill it with your child’s special toys or one of our activity inserts. With a global patent-pending design, ZoomKIT gives your child a sense of place in your fast-paced lifestyle.

  1. Headphone Splitter

Keep your kids quiet on a long road trip by handing over your iPod and giving them each their own headphones so they can all hear the music! RockStar makes it fun to create your own music experience. Connect up to five headphones, and your iPod, to start sharing. Or, add another iPod to mix songs and listen together. Works with all MP3 and DVD players, as well as other portable media devices.


Written by Alison Tringale, mom of four and inventor of Tidy Snap, clothes organizer for babies, kids and adults!

Replaces the need to fold and refold clothes over and over again once they get messy in drawers from rummaging around to find something to wear. BUY Tidy Snap here to make chores fun!